At AIM Electric we strive to keep up with the constantly changing electrical industry. One of those ways is to keep current with the quickly growing LED industry. If you are interested in LED lighting upgrades or ideas to take advantage of the recent change in the LED lighting industry, AIM Electric can provide you with a detailed service. Whether you are in need of a residential overhaul of your current lighting environment or a retrofit of your commercial building, AIM Electric can structure a lighting upgrade specifically for your individual situation. At AIM Electric we utilize our knowledge in conjunction with some creativity to offer a solution that fits everyone’s needs and budget. Now is the time to take advantage of this exciting change in history and conserve electricity and save important funds.  Let AIM Electric help you with these changes and keep America clean.

  • LED lighting upgrades
  • Power analysis


To those customers who have chosen to utilize the growing EV market, we offer an electrical service exclusively to your needs.  At AIM Electric we understand the importance of having a safe and convenient place to charge your new electrical vehicle.  There is a no more convenient place to accomplish this, than at your own residence.  With a guaranteed 72hr install of your vehicle charger or outlet at your home, there is no time to experience “Range Anxiety”.

With AIM Electric waiting to assist you, buy your next electrical vehicle with confidence that you will not be unplugged.